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A Birthstone Necklace (custom made, price varies)

  • $ 000

The perfect gift for Mother's Day or a special birthday. Also makes a personal and unique Friendship or Memory necklace.

Create your own design by
(1) first choosing either a gold or silver chain; and then
(2) combine one or more birthstone charms (each month is represented by it's own gemstone); and
(3) add a silver or gold heart, and / or a baby booties charm. 

Often, people combine birthstones representing the birth month of the loved one(s). For example, for a mother, you may want to choose the birthstone for each of her children. Or, for a best friend, choose both of your birthstones. I have made a number of these custom necklace for friends as "memory necklaces" in memory of a loved one. I include my friend's birthstone joined with their loved one's birthstone and add a heart charm.

In the accompanying photo, July (ruby), November (Citrine), and February (amethyst) are represented. Prices will vary based on number and type of charms. Order each component separately. Arrives as a completed necklace.  Please note: May take more than the standard 2 - 3 days to ship since each piece is made to order.

To choose a silver chain click on this link - Silver Chain
To choose a gold chain click on this link - Gold Chain

To choose charms click on the following links:

January Garnet 

February Amethyst

March Option 1 Aquamarine (teardrop)

March Option 2 Aquamarine (round)

April  Crystal Quartz 

May Emerald

June Pearl

July Ruby

August Peridot

September Option 1 Blue Sapphire

September Option 2 Pink Sapphire

October Opal

November Citrine

December Turquoise

Gold Heart 

Silver Heart

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