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Aimee Bracelet - Fire Rainbow (Ethiopian Opal & pearl)

  • $ 14800

Exquisite, top quality Ethiopian opals radiate green, blue, yellow and orange, surrounded by pearls and ocean blue apatite. Gold wire and gold filled beads, clasp and ring. 7¼". Scroll over photo to see the detail of the stones.

Aimee is a French girl's name that when translated into English means "beloved". 

“Fire Rainbows” are neither fire, nor rainbows, but are so called because of their brilliant pastel colors and flame like appearance. Technically they are known as "circumhorizontal arc" which is an ice halo formed by ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds. The halo is so large that the arc appears parallel to the horizon, hence the name (rainbow). I've seen a "sundog" but never a "fire rainbow" - maybe someday!