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About Blue Chick

I love stones and always have. Growing up, I collected all sorts of rocks and stones – smooth, tumbled stones at the local Five & Dime, the black and white beach rocks that washed up on Nauset Beach, river stones, silver flaky mica. I'm inspired by all of the different shapes, shades, textures, and facets. As luck would have it, I discovered that I could share my obsession  with stones with others so that they could also take pleasure in the beauty of the stones - by creating jewelry celebrating this inherent beauty. Marsh View at day break.

My designs are inspired by the simplest things, what I call the “minutiae of every day life”. I get ideas from observing the changing light of the sky throughout the day and into the night (like the marsh photos on the right...), the ever shifting colors of the ocean, the spring-to-fall garden blooms. I’m even inspired by fruit, candy and desserts (seriously)! Sometimes, it’s merely a feeling that sparks a design concept. You name it, it will probably inspire me!

I especially enjoy creating custom pieces (see the Custom section on menu) and have made many designs that complement outfits & scarves.

It is truly a joy for me to create pieces that I can  imagine someone wearing for a special event, or giving to a loved one, or just enjoying it as that piece that “goes perfect with jeans”.

Marsh view soon after sunrise.

Each piece is one of a kind, designed by me and hand made in my studio. The materials are top quality and include precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, shell, wood, leather and suede, silk cord, sterling and Thai Hill Tribes silver, gold and 14kt gold fill, copper and brass.

I carefully  hand select every strand of beads. I seek out stones that are unique in terms of shape or cut and especially those that are rare and limited in quantity. I especially enjoy using uncommon or rare stones including Tanzanite, a violet blue stone that is found only in Tanzania, Africa; blue and white Larimar, also know as the Caribbean Stone, which is found only in the Dominican Republic; Imperial teal kyanite; rich purple and black Russian Charoite; and vivid green Chrome Diopside. These are just a few examples.

Marsh view at evening twilight.


I hope that you will enjoy the jewelry as much as I enjoy making it! 

Maggie Covell, owner & designer, and Our Dog Murray (Center of The Universe for 8 amazing years) and Our Puppy Woodrow (who is now carrying the mantle for his Grand Uncle, Murray), AKA Good Time Woody.