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Suede/Leather - Sedona Sunset (turquoise & carnelian)

  • $ 16800

Glowing orange carnelian and true blue turquoise echo the last rays of sun lighting up the red rocks of Sedona against a blue sky. Sterling silver chain and wire, Thai Hill Tribes silver beads and suede cord are finished with a silver toggle clasp. Features prized, limited quantity, Arizona "Sleeping Beauty" turquoise, unique in color and quality. Lies close to the neck. 17½". 

The Sleeping Beauty Mine is now a closed mine, making turquoise mined from it increasingly more valuable and precious. The gemstone got its name from the mountain where it is mined, which resembles a sleeping woman laying on her back with her arms crossed.


Matching earrings are available - Sedona Sunset II earrings

Materials note:  We recommend limiting exposure of this piece to water, as it may damage or weaken silk thread, suede, or leather.